Indigo is the new best way to live you travelling experience and discover Palermo. You can rent your Deluxe Suite bedroom in the most innovative Art Residence and Creative Space of the city, located at the first noble floor of the aristocratic 17th century Palazzo Lampedusa, which belonged to the family of Giuseppe Tomasi, Prince of Lampedusa and writer of famous novel “The Leopard”.  Here you will have the comfort of a Hotel in the silence and privacy of the Palazzo, use the annex creative spaces and have the chance to meet local creatives and like-minded travellers and discover local culture.

The Palazzo opens with a magnificent wide courtyard with columns, an exceptional open-air space that will welcome you, while the staircases are decorated with descriptions of the Palazzo, taken from the diaries of the writer who profoundly loved his “home”. The baroque white stone palatial building, rebuilt and restored between 2011 and 2015, is the perfect spot to begin the discovery of an ancient, elegant and precious Palermo.

Indigo is located on the first Noble Floor, in what was earlier the main floor and jewel in the crown of the building. Our apartment has two separate entrances: on the right Indigo Rooms the Art Residence and on the left Indigo Music. The Art Residence consists of a charming and large Suite with private bathroom and a communal lounge – dining room where breakfast is served by our staff in the morning.

On the left, Indigo Music is an annex studio completely insonorized that can guest musicians, artists and music lovers while composing or producing their music. We love to spend time in our “home” and space and organize workshops, meetings and also typical sicilian lunches. We also organize concerts, music events and produce our own music with two record labels, 800A Records and 800Hz Records, and we would be glad to invite you to take part or provide information on the best happenings in town.