The aristocratic Palazzo Lampedusa is located in the historical centre of Palermo, Castellammare neighbourhood. Built by the spanish in the 17th century, the Palazzo became home of the family of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in the 19th century. The prince of Lampedusa and writer of the world-famous novel The Leopard (il Gattopardo) was born here and loved it very much.
Palazzo Lampedusa was bombed in 1943, during the II World War, and almost destroyed. The glorious family residence was still inhabited by the mother of the writer although in ruin and here she died in the end.

Giuseppe Tomasi, was shocked and walked for 3 kilometers covered in dust and stayed melhanconic of the memory of the vanished house for his entire life. In his book and diary “Memory of childhood” he evokes the beauty of his home which he referred to as “Beloved missing”.